• Your group, team, school or organization is selling an evening of FUN, not pizzas, candy or wrapping paper.  It is an EASY way to make that much needed revenue that your organization has been looking for.

  • Book a private fundraising event on a night that Epic 6 is currently closed (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) and you will have the entire facility to yourself.

  • Epic 6 has laser tag, dodgeball, a 24’ rock climbing wall, a 70' two lane ninja warrior course, and our newest attraction, the 3,000 sq. ft. Epic 6 Trampoline park.

  • During a normal time when we are open, a ticket for a 2 hour "all play" pass, which includes all attractions, is $24.  For the fundraiser version, for only $20, the participant gets  2 1/2 hours of unlimited play on all attractions.  it is a great value and should be a great selling point for the fundraising tickets sales.

    The return on your time investment is directly related to the number of tickets you sell.  Here is the schedule:

    50-75 tickets sold = $ 7.00 rebate per ticket

    76-100  tickets sold = $ 8.00 rebate per ticket

    101-150 tickets sold = $ 9.00 rebate per ticket  

    151-200 tickets sold = $ 10.00 rebate per ticket


    For example, if you sell 60 tickets at $20 per ticket, your group would make  $420

                        if you sell 90 tickets at $20 per ticket, your group would make  $ 720

                        if you sell 150 tickets at $20 per ticket, your group would make $ 1350

                        if you sell 200 tickets at $20 per ticket, your group would make $ $2000

  • Ticket holders present their tickets at Epic 6 on the day of your event and are given a wristband and admitted into the event.

  • Contact either Dan Murray or Jeff Plunkett for more information or to schedule your event.  If you would like a tour of the facility, please contact Jeff Plunkett to set up an appointment.

It is that easy.  Pick a date, sell up to 200 tickets, and earn up to $2,000 for your team or organization.


Dan Murray –   Cell - 314-315-6299

Jeff Plunkett –    Office – 636-600-1890       Cell – 314-614-4452

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