Café Epic

The Epic 6 concession stand carries a wide variety of food items and drinks to keep you going during your visit.  **ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX**

** Menu items can be ordered to  a private party room for reservations OR boxed up to go**

Our Menu:

All Angus Juicy Hamburger   $3.50                                  Coca-cola Fountain soda  (reg.)  $1.75      (lg)  $2.25

All Angus Juicy Cheeseburger   $4.00                               Carribean Creme Slushies  (reg.)  $1.75    (lg)  $2.25

All Beef 1/4lb Hot Dog   $2.50                                         Dasani Bottled Water  $2.00      Vitamin Water  $2.25

Cheezy Mozzarella Sticks (6pc)  $4.50                              Powerade  $2.25       Bottled Soda  $2.25

Toasted Ravioli (6pc)  $4.50                                             Coffee  $2.25

Crsipy Chicken Tenders  (3pc) $3.25 - (4pc) $4.50

Crispy Chicken Sandwich  $4.25

12" St. Louis StyleThin Crust Pizza that will remind you of Imos   $8.75 - $11.00 (Depending on amout of toppings

Gels Nachos & Cheese $3.00

Texas Sweet Dough Jumbo Soft Pretzel  $3.00

Crispy Fries   $2.00        

JJs Funnel Cake Fries  $2.75

Menchies Froyo Cake $25 (Feeds 8-10 people)

5 oz cup of Froyo w/2 toppings  $5.00

7 oz cup of Froyo w/2 toppong  $6.00


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