Epic 6 - St. Louis Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are EPIC at Epic 6 Laser Tag. Find out more about our awesome party packages here.


If you are ready to book your next EPIC party, or want more information on booking a party, click here.


If you prefer a less structured party, we offer ROOM RENTALS.  You can rent one of our party rooms and "do your own thing".  This is a popular option for the older kids, we recommend ages 9 and up.  Rent a room, buy some play cards and turn them loose! With a room rental you are allowed to bring in your own food and drinks (or you can pick something up at our concession stand).  Rates range from $35 per hour in one of our spacious 350 square feet standard party rooms (seats 20-25 comfortably) to $50 for one of our GIANT 550 square feet party rooms (seats 45-50 comfortably).  We offer some great specials that can be combined with a room rental to make for a fun, inexpensive party.  Room rentals are offered any time we are open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as from 3:00pm until 10:00pm on Saturdays and 3:00pm until 5pm on Sundays  For more information, or to check availability, call us at 636-600-1890.

NOTE:  OUR ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM ONLY ACCEPTS REVERVATIONS AT LEAST 14 DAYS IN ADVANCE.  If you would like to book a party LESS than 14 days in advance, please call us to check availability.



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