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Test your acrobat skills on our BRAND NEW Epic 6 Trampolines!

This 3,000 sq. ft. trampoline attraction has 7 different areas for EXTREME fun.

You can battle your friends on our Battle Beam, test your balance on our Slack Line, and see how high you can climb on our Silks.

Want to see how high you can jump? Try out the High Performance Trampolines!

Always dreamed of diving into a foam pit? Test out our Foam Pit! Want to show off your mad skills?

Dunk on our Basketball Hoop. Just want some casual jump time? Enjoy our main trampoline area. 

With something for everyone, this is sure to be a hit with the whole family!

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8 Ways Children Benefit From Jumping at a Trampoline Park 


Parents know how important it is for children to stay active, especially if they have a lot of energy. Whether it is over the summer months when school is out or winter vacation, taking the kids to a trampoline park in Fenton MO comes with eight surprising benefits that you can take advantage of anytime you want.


  • It Allows Them To Play
  • It’s Good for Their Health
  • It Helps Burn Off Energy
  • It Works on Balance and Coordination Skills
  • It Boosts Performance at School
  • It Boosts Their Immunity
  • It’s Teaches Them About Perseverance and Persistence
  • It Helps Relieve Stress


First of all, jumping on a trampoline is fun! It allows kids to play with siblings and friends in an unusual environment. They may even make new friends. Playing lets them develop social skills, too. At the same time, it allows parents to rest or join in on the fun.


Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a way to let the kids play when the weather is too hot or cold, or they are bored from playing at home. Taking them to a trampoline park in Fenton MO may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Jumping around a trampoline park is exercise without feeling like exercise. Adults know how important exercise is, especially to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This may not be a concern children have, but it helps to instill an enjoyment of the physical activity that works in their favor, even if they don’t realize it. Cardio exercise is important for heart health and jumping certainly gets the heart pumping. Plus, trampoline play is low impact, which means their joints won’t be harmed and they can actually strengthen their joints, ligaments, and muscles through this activity.


As there’s an increasing amount of screen time in many children’s lives, a trampoline park in Fenton MO, allows them to take a break and play for a while. They can stimulate their body and mind while fulfilling the physical activity their bodies need.


Jumping is a form of exercise and helps to burn off energy. Many parents choose to take their children to a trampoline park simply to let them burn off excess energy. This is especially true on rainy days or when extreme temperatures are outside. Sometimes, playing at home just doesn’t cut it and parents know they need to do something that allows their children to run around, or jump around in this case, and release their pent up energy.


Jumping around at a trampoline park in Fenton MO requires two important skills, called balance and coordination, which are important motor skills to have. As children, these may not naturally be there, especially as they are developing. When they come to a trampoline park children pick up how to position their bodies in the air to land properly, how high they have to jump to do a particular trick and how much force to put into a jump. These are skills that can be developed with practice.


In fact, jumping around time after time helps these skills to develop almost as a secondary effect, sometimes without children even think about it. As an added benefit, these skills can also help with other events in their life, such as for playing other sports at school.


Sometimes, children can lose focus in the classroom and this can be a worry for parents. Spending time at a trampoline park in Fenton MO, helps children to develop the ability to control their muscles and enhance their focus. In the classroom, this translates into being able to pay attention, concentrate and sit still for extended periods of time.


This is definitely not something kids or even parents realize about jumping on a trampoline. However, it can help improve a child’s immune system. How?


All that jumping around and working with gravity helps to drain toxins out of the lymphatic system. When this happens, blood flow and circulation can improve and thereby improve the immune system. And it all happens during play at a trampoline park in Fenton MO.


Jumping isn’t something that is done perfectly on the first try. In fact, it can take children several attempts to land a jump with proper alignment or to figure out how to achieve the height they need for a particular trick. Practicing their jumps and tricks on a trampoline teaches that that practice pays off in the end.


They can then take this knowledge that lies in their subconscious and apply it to other areas. If they’re struggling with a subject at school, they can realize that persevering is key to figuring it out in the end. If they are trying to improve their skills in a sport, they know that persistence is key. If they are learning how to play a musical instrument and have trouble with a particular note, they know they can figure it out if they keep trying. Jumping at a trampoline park in Fenton MO helps children to build up a mentality of preserving and being persistent.


It may not be something children or even parents think about often, but children can be under a great deal of stress. This stress can come from the pressure of school and extracurricular activities. When parents recognize the signs of stress and take their children to a trampoline park for an afternoon filled with fun, parents can watch as the stress melts away from their children. After all, endorphins are released during physical activity, and those hormones are scientifically linked to reducing stress.


Start Jumping Today


A trampoline park in Fenton MO provides more for children than most people realize. Yes, it’s a place for children to play and burn off energy, but it also helps to form important skills for life, such as concentration and persistence. If you’re a parent looking for an indoor activity to help your child be active, have fun and develop important and transferrable skills, then head over to Epic 6. Our 3,000 square foot trampoline park has seven distinct jumping areas that can provide endless fun for the whole family.



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